Grand cafa

Grand Kafa

Coffee is a daily ritual and a natural part of our socializing. Thanks to its excellent, constant quality and uniqueness, Grand Kafa coffee, the first private brand of coffee in Serbia, has gained the trust of coffee lovers everywhere. Once the beans are roasted, very finely ground and brewed, this coffee has a distinctive smell and a rich, strong flavorThis Serbian roast and ground coffee is prepared in the same manner as Greek and Turkish Coffee. Covet this popular coffee of Serbia and enjoy a bold taste in every cup. Ingredients: finely ground coffee. Product of Serbia

Barzula Coffee


TURKISH Coffee is “SOMEWHAT” of an improper description, the coffee is not only used in Turkey, but also in Greece, the Middle East and preparation of turkish coffee is a “real ritual” for these communities.The communities of these Slavic regions are used to the special taste of the coffee from a particular region in Brazil (Sul Minas).

zlatna dzezva

Zlatna dzezva

A special blend of Turkish style ground coffee, this is the real deal when it comes to a bold, ethnic flavor! Zlatna dzezva means “golden coffee pot”, so indulge in a cup of quality when enjoying one of the most popular Bosnian coffees.



Since the 14th century, there has been a special coffee making and coffee drinking tradition in the Balkans, the Mediterranean and much of the Middle East using unfiltered coffee. And, since 1994, Doncafé Moment Coffee has been a part of it. For our “Moment” Coffee, we select and then roast the highest quality coffee beans and grind them into an extra-fine powder. The result is a coffee with a bright aroma and bold flavor perfect for this cherished coffee.